1. Recruitment

NES Offer pre-employment testing services to all government and private departments, organizations, universities and institutions all over Pakistan. We have no compromise on transparency in all tests and results. Noble Evaluation Services conduct all screening tests under the supervision of qualified and experienced controllers, invigilation and security staff. We have more than 150 test centres and 1500 staff all over Pakistan that make sure transparency and equitability in conduction of pre-employment tests and results.

2. Scholarships and laptops program

NES announces scholarships and laptops program every year equally for all provinces of Pakistan. We are focus on students to continue their education.

Purpose of the program

  • To encourage talented students to enroll in different colleges and universities all over Pakistan
  • To reduce financial burden of the tuition fee of a college or university education and allow students to find more time and energy to focus on studies
  • To contribute in increase national literacy rate
  • NES Scholarships and Laptops awards will support students education

3. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

NES also offer its services for formation and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for different departments including Human Resources, Recruitment, Training, Staff Management, Accounts and Finance, Procurement and Marketing and sales. We have qualified staff to form SOP and implement within the time span agreed with the client. We either reform/update current SOP or form new for government and private sector organizations to improve all over productivity.

4. Admissions

Admissions tests are conducted under strict security for universities and colleges all over Pakistan.