Professionals Laptop and Salary Program

Purpose of the program:

To achieve the highest levels of excellence in all areas of organizational operations, performance and to make businesses more competitive in the country economy. This encourages continued strong performance.


50 laptops are distributed among top of the list successful candidates who qualify pre screening test conducted by NES. 

One Salary: 

One salary equal to last month withdrawn salary is awarded to 50 top of the list successful candidate who qualify pre screening test conducted by NES. 

Eligibility Criteria:

All private professionals teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, business managers and assistant managers, dentists, private bank officers, pharmacists, psychologists, IT and computer professionals and all other professionals.

All professionals fresh or working with a private organization/Institution/college/school are eligible for this program. This program is announced in September every year in the newspaper, social media page of NES and website

Selection Criteria: 

1. Pre screening written objective type test (MCQs) is conducted by NES 
2. Top candidates in the merit will be selected for awards
3. If there is conflict on the last number of award among candidates, then decision is made on the basis of through out academic record of the candidate.  
4. Test is conducted in the following subjects;

Subject                                  Marks 

English                                    20               
Islamiyat                                 20
Pakistan Studies                      20 
Computer                                20
General Knowledge                20  

Total Marks                            100
Passing Marks                        70